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We would like to wish all our customers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you for your custom over the year.
We cannot guarantee delivery of any order after 17th December although we can offer NEXT DAY service up until Monday 22nd December with an extra cost.
Please ring your order through on 01202 674117

We have hundreds of different sweets and chocolates available in our online shop... including Retro Sweets, to take you back to your childhood, like Sherbet Fountains, Blackjacks, Flying Saucers and Bonbons.
We make bespoke Wedding Favours, Baby ShowersParty Bags, and we also cater for your sweet buffetcontact us to discuss your requirements.
If you are in the Poole, Dorset come visit our traditional sweet shop called Truly Scrumptious 


Visit our shop: Truly Scrumptious
5 High Street
BH15 1AB
Refreshers Refreshers
  • £0.50
Liquorice Comfits Sweets Liquorice Comfits Sweets
  • £1.80
Banana Toffee/Palm Toffee Banana Toffee/Palm Toffee
  • £2.40
Moores Dorset Knob Biscults Moores Dorset Knob Biscults
  • £3.70
Marzipan Fruits Marzipan Fruits
  • £2.86
Cherry Lips or Soap Sweets Cherry Lips or Soap Sweets
  • £1.99
Lion`s Midget Gems Lion`s Midget Gems
  • £1.99
Mint Toffees Mint Toffees
  • £1.60
Foam Shrimps Foam Shrimps
  • £1.80
Black Jacks Sweets (Liquorice) Black Jacks Sweets (Liquorice)
  • £1.73
Sherbet Dip Dab Sherbet Dip Dab
  • £0.40
Belgian Hand-Made Marzipan Fruits. Belgian Hand-Made Marzipan Fruits.
  • £6.46
Small Jar Gift Ideas Small Jar Gift Ideas
  • £2.50
Sherbet Pips Sherbet Pips
  • £1.73
Dubble Bubble Gumball Bank Dubble Bubble Gumball Bank
  • £4.25
Tub of Candy Floss Tub of Candy Floss
  • £1.60
Bubble Gum Balls Bubble Gum Balls
  • £1.00
Yummy Banana Toffee Yummy Banana Toffee
  • £0.76
Dreamy Creamy Toffee Dreamy Creamy Toffee
  • £0.76
Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs
  • £2.80
Orange and Lemon Jelly Slices Orange and Lemon Jelly Slices
  • £2.26
Milk Chocolate notes and coins Milk Chocolate notes and coins
  • £3.50
New Berry Fruits - Jewels New Berry Fruits - Jewels
  • £3.95
Hand baked Lemon Biscuits Hand baked Lemon Biscuits
  • £2.50
Christmas Gift Wrap Christmas Gift Wrap
  • £2.00
Party Bags Party Bags
  • P.O.A
Lemonade Fizz Balls Lemonade Fizz Balls
  • £1.80
Bean Boozled Jelly Beans Bean Boozled Jelly Beans
  • £2.50
Salted Caramel Fudge Salted Caramel Fudge
  • £2.26
A Little More About Us As our name suggests and Truly Scrumptious is the first choice for homeowners and work places up and down the UK looking to buy sweets online, retro sweets, wedding favours, home made fudge and many other sweet products at some of the most competitive prices around. We hold a huge stock of products and have built a reputation for high-quality that`s backed up by robust customer service.
If you`re looking to buy sweets online for the first time, we have a shop full of sweets, all part of our commitment to make it easy and affordable to buy  online, and when you compare our prices we`re confident you`ll wonder why you never used us before! With old fashioned sweets and other modern products available from  Aniseed to Yorkshire mix, we have a huge selection of brands to choose from that covers all the popular names like, Wonka Barrett, Nestle, Reeses Pieces,  plus a wide variety of lesser well-known brands to save you searching high and low.
Once you've found the right retro sweet, or new modern sweets you can order them online and pay via most major cards, Bacs and PayPal too for added convenience - We have a rapidly growing customer-base that is happy to recommend us to friends, family and colleagues - everyone`s keen to save money when it`s this easy!
To complement our range of traditional sweets, gluten free, retro sweets and many other types of sweets, we also offer a large selection of fudge (made on the premises), at extremely low prices - in fact our fudge starts from just £2.25 and you'll find top brand names such as Wonka, Barrett, Nestle, Reese Pieces at prices that are hard to beat. Browse our selection now and remember that even our most sweets have reasonable shipping charges.
With thousands of items in stock we`re sure that you`ll find what you need at today - but if you have any questions before you buy sweets on line, retro sweets, wedding favours, fudge, call us today and we`ll be happy to help you.

Whilst our pictures show the sweets displayed in our shop brown bags it is not possble to dispatch all the sweets in these bags as they may sweat during transportation, we do send them in zip bags however if you require cellophane bags let us know.

And finally we keep our delivery costs as low as possible and charge you the same amount we are charged. The Royal Mail have increased their charges and are now sending all order via a Courier as it is a cheaper option.